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7 Years of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
How We Made It - How You Can Too!

May 2011 is the seven year anniversary of Nicheology! This series shares 7 success principles from the past seven years. Previous articles in the series... Start Strong. Understand Your Market.


Year 3 :: Competition

After the first year of success we were able to keep the momentum going by serving the niche more effectively.

As I mentioned in the first article of this series…

Nicheology is THE original private label rights site/provider.

Yep, we blazed the trail!

By year three there were dozens of clones. Now there are hundreds of PLR sites. So how did we survive when so many other sites came and went? And more importantly how can you face the competition effectively?

#1 Exclusives

What can people get with you that they cannot get anywhere else?

With Nicheology we had/have two things people don’t get elsewhere.

First, Products in the Rough (PITRs).

PITRs are the original private label content from Nicheology. These were written exclusively for Nicheology members and were not sold at any other site.

You see, what most people don’t realize was that you can go to the average PLR site and get the same products as any other site. There is literally no limit to the thousands upon thousands of people using the same content.

Plus, these sites often give “unrestricted rights.” This means the buyer can pass the rights along to others. So if a thousand people bought the rights and gave it away to their lists to use, you could have 100,000 people using the exact same content. What does that do to the market?

We restricted the rights to the PITRs. That way only members could use the content and get paid for it. But they could not pass the rights along to others. This means that our content did not get diluted the way content from others sites did. Our members were protected from thousands of people using the exact same content.

You can see how the combination of exclusive content and restricted rights to the PITRs separated us from the crowd. But that’s not all…

Second, Product Profiles.

While everyone was concentrating on providing PLR content they were not helping people take their business to the next level.

Nicheology’s Product Profiles contain information such as:

1) The number of people actively searching for information about each niche

2) What people are bidding in Google and other major pay per click search engines to get listed high for these niche terms

3) Potential affiliate partners to promote your products and for you to make commissions from theirs.

4) Related special report and ecourse ideas ??

5) "Sure-Shot for Success" ideas for how to expand and dominate the niche with additional, higher-end products and services.

These profiles match the PITRs. Members are able to sell a product on weight loss (for example) and then use the affiliate products listed in the profile for backend sales. Pretty cool, right? And members don’t have to go and do all the research. It’s done for them!

The exclusive one, two punch of PITRs and Product Profiles gives us a distinct advantage.

(Note: Since year 3 we have also added more exclusives. I personally conduct the Profit Academy each month and the Q & A Live coaching call. I’ve checked around and no one gives this amount of value.)

That’s just the first way we beat the competition! :-)

#2 Contrarian Model

We noticed that other sites were making people pay for each individual product. Yes, it’s a great profit model, but it’s doesn’t give the greatest value to the market. Folks could join Nicheology and get dozens (now hundreds) of products to sell immediately for the same price as ONE private label product elsewhere.

This was/is a huge advantage. Instead of people trying to scrap together enough money to buy four or five products in different niches, they could join Nicheology and pick and choose as they pleased without spending another dollar.

Plus, other PLR membership sites at the time were “retiring” their products each month and then selling them for full price on a sister site. So if a member did not get in and download their package for the month they missed out.

Meanwhile, we allowed instant access to all past content and the current month’s release of two new PLR products and the profiles.

This was exactly the opposite of what everyone else was doing.

So you can see how being a contrarian helped us stand out from all the new PLR sites popping up.

You can use these same principles to set yourself apart.

What do/can you provide that’s exclusive?
What do/can you provide that’s contrary to the typical marketer in your niche?

In part 4, we'll look at the second "C" of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Success is NOT an Accident!

Nicheology Updates

I put together a marketing lesson for you. I think it’s big and has the potential to massively increase your list. I know it will improve your influence in your market.

As a side note, it will also show you how I process and find marketing lessons among my emails. Go check it out right now!

Other updates this week…

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